Case study work links the theoretical seminar sessions with each other and facilitates learning geared towards practice by applying it to selected issues in offshore wind energy projects.

The case study work is carried out in teams between two classroom instruction periods. An online learning platform set up for the case study work enables students to communicate with each other and their tutors. At the end of the classroom instruction period, students will be given assignments by the respective case study experts. Students will work on the case study until the next in-class period and present the results to the experts. During this time, they will be tutored by experts and a project management coach.

The aim of case study work is:

  • Appreciation of the problems and strategies based on the study units
  • Provision of in-depth insights into all phases of an offshore wind farm’s life cycle
  • Fostering the knowledge transfer between the participants who have different expertise
  • Expanding the capacity for teamwork

1 Planning an Offshore Wind Farm – A First Presentation to Investors
In this case study, students must draft a first sketch of an offshore wind farm and persuade a foreign investor that their solution is the best one. They focus on site selection, wind farm layout (wind potential and technical components) and financing (feasibility and risks).

2 Contract Management – Negotiations for a Construction Contract
Central to this case study is investigating construction contracts under FIDIC conditions and the possibilities and limits of contracts in the offshore sector. Based on a contract that is fictive yet close to reality, the students must renegotiate while explaining and justifying their decisions.

3 Concept of a Substation Transformer Platform
The students will deal with concepts of substation transformer platforms. They learn about different designs and the electro-technical as well as the steel-constructional requirements of offshore substations.

4 From a Wind Turbine to a Transported Object: Logistics Concepts
Again, the focus is on managing time and resources, this time as they relate to logistics. Students draw up a logistics concept for an offshore wind farm and are expected to identify and consider the key factors and restrictions of logistics chains in this setting.


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